equine_property (equine_property) wrote in saddleseat,

So I've Finally Got Pictures

Well, somebody on here told me how to upload pictures. So I figured since so many of you have pictures of your horses on here, I might as well share a few shots of Dixie.

This is me and Ledgewind's Sassy Sal (a name she lives up to) aka "Dixie" at the De Equus All English on June 10. It's a professional photo but it didn't scan very well. I'm not sure why, the print I have of this is absolutely beautiful and her eyes look much more expressive. We've come a long way together since that show already though. She's looking AWESOME now!
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Lovely photo! Mat Bastian is such an awesome photographer!
Yeah, Mat Bastian takes awesome photos. Even his business cards are beautiful.
Aw! She's so cute!
Thanks. Isn't she though?
Great picture!
Thanks! She looks even better now though ...I've got her trotting LEVEL! :P
You two look great together!
Thanks! :)
Wow! I'm jealous, lol You guys look awesome!!
Thanks! :)


August 16 2006, 01:28:33 UTC 11 years ago

yup! Hey, dixie is a saddlebred right?
Yup. Dixie's an American Saddlebred :)
oops, i forgot to log in, that was me, i meant to say

yup! Hey, dixie is a saddlebred right? because i made a Community just for saddlebreds, join it >Communities saddlebred
Yup, Dixie's a registered American Saddlebred :)