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First of all, I used to be a member of this on my old account but probably never posted. I notice that not many people are members of this community; I'm thinking I need to advertise or something.

My name is Jordan and I am a 19 year old college student from OH living in PA currently. I have been riding for twelve years and showing for 10. I started off riding saddleseat on Morgans in Alpharetta, GA and then moved up to OH and rode at the Lavery's (World Champion ASBs). I have ridden some in other seats, but saddleseat has always been my calling. I was always a big fan of Morgans but then I got more into ASBs... although my next horse will probably be a Morgan.

My first horse and only horse was given to me as my 17th birthday present, after I had been riding for over half of my life. At the time, he was 3 years old. He was extremely green and was basically a pasture horse at his old barn--broke to drive and broke to ride (but only knew strict basics). He is out of Reserve Five-Gaited World Champion and Grand National nominated sire "Bi Mi World Premier" and another nice Five-Gaited mare, Meg-A-Bucks.

"Fred" and I started off on good terms but I eventually became so afraid of him that I didn't ride him for 6-8 months. My last resort was to take him to another barn. Luckily, my new trainer helped me "fix" him. I went from being deathly afraid of him to taking the time to bond and now I can ride him bareback in a halter. We both still have a lot of work, but he and I have improved 160%!



Nice to meet you guys! :-p
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