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Hi all! I just joined, oh about 1 minute ago, and I thought I'd introduce myself as this community needs some activity!

I'm a Dressage Queen-turned-Saddle seat Maven (okay not QUITE yet but I'm getting there) that lives in Massachusetts, and I'm riding Morgans. My trainer is aiming me for the pleasure ring, and we're already talking about shows this season, which after riding hunter/jumper and dressage for almost 16 years and only showing once is a biiiig deal to me because I want to show! I had my second lesson yesterday and each time, the lesson gets better and I feel better up there and my body is adjusting to the position better. I still have lots of trouble with my heels, and sitting back in the cutback, and just my lower leg position in general (not to mention it is SO WEIRD to squeeze with my thighs!), but the season is a ways away and I have faith!

Anyway, I'm riding at Burkland Farm in Rowley, MA, which was the late S. Robert "Doc" Orcutt's farm--Morgan people should recognize his name. His grandsons are running the farm, and I'm riding with the older of the two, Joshua Noble, son of a well-known MA vet, Helen Noble, DVM. Josh is an awesome guy, knows a lot and has made me fall in love with the Morgan breed. Previously, I'd taken 3 lessons on American Saddlebreds in Kentucky (scattered over a couple of years), and wanted to find a barn in Massachusetts that had Saddle seat Saddlebreds, but after talking with Josh, and really hitting it off with him, I made the move to Morgans. Man am I glad I did! But, he will be getting some Saddlebreds in for training, so it'll be nice to get up on them again.

I also come bearing some pictures from yesterday's lesson; I handed Josh a camera and told him to have fun! Fun included getting the whip out and making firecracker noises, and I totally loved it. I can't wait for next week (double reins, gah!), I'm so in love with this discipline that I never want to get off. Please excuse the sneakers, when Josh rode with the Shively's in Kentucky he rode in sneakers to help with his heels, and now I need to do that, too (he was so happy when he saw I had sneakers on, he says I'm becoming a hardcore SS rider LOL). I don't have jods yet, but since it's been so cold I've been riding in my winter full seat breeches and half chaps (which aren't helping my legs LOL), but the jods are coming!

Taurie was beastly at first. She has a phobia of water, and was like "SNOW GOING TO EAT ME!" and she gave a little buck to protest me making her walk along the rail of the round pen. Silly mare. These aren't in any particular order, except bad to good haha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ew bad trot. c'mon taurie pick up those hooves!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
another bad trot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
whoops, josh cut us off! still bad trot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
as josh would say, "there you go!" i'm not sure if he had the whip going and was still making firecracker noises, but he was trying DAMN hard to get awesome pictures for me. :-D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
still picking up those legs! she's not a park horse so she'll never break the level, but still, she's very elegant and pretty when she's going right.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
whee go taurie go!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
nice long walk. :D

Sorry to those that have already seen these, whether in equestrian or my personal journal. Feel free to add me as a friend, too, I'd love more Saddle seat riders on my list!
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Welcome to the dark side ;o)

Awesome that you're doing Morgans!! They're fantastic (I'm a Morgan girl myself). So exciting! =)

Keep it up... your position looks pretty darn good for it only being the second ride!!
I love the dark side. You guys have cooler clothes. ;-)

I wish there were more Saddlebreds in Massachusetts but seriously, Morgans rock. I had a bad experience working at a Morgan farm, and their horses weren't that nice (in confo and temperament), but Taurie is the coolest, albeit bitchy, Morgan and has made me fall head over heels for the breed. I'm going to get to drive, too!! That makes me superhappy.

And thanks! I am working superhard, even though it's just once a week, and every ride gets better. Luckily Josh is pretty cheap, and I'm doing all his graphic/web design and photography, so the money I make from that is going right back to him in the form of more lessons LOL!
Welcome! :D

That mare is so cute and you look awesome, especially for just beginning! I was a royal mess when I first started (I switched from western/trail/pleasure riding). I'm hoping to start up lessons in the next couple of months and I'll be a mess again, I'm sure. x)
She certainly is adorable, even if she is a beast sometimes, haha. I love her to death and I don't get along with mares!

And thank you! It's been a lot easier then I thought to switch positions. When I first rode Saddle seat in Kentucky I was all over the place, until it came time to canter and I awed everyone. :-D Of course I was sitting in the middle of the saddle, but riding hunter/jumper and dressage will teach to you to ride a gorgeous canter!

Funny thing is, though, that I'll still be riding dressage, as I'm a licensed riding instructor that teaches balance seat/dressage, and have a pony that I'll be showing this summer in dressage. Whee! Should be fun going back and forth lol. Good luck with your lessons!
Cute mare! She reminds me of my gelding! I'm from MN and show morgans too-they're pretty much the best thing ever! Hope you keep having fun with it!
Thanks, I will be sure to!
Haha I know Josh and Caleb very well, I grew up with them! I live in the next town over, Georgetown. We have Morgans as well and show with Northgate Stables :-)

Tori looks great!
No kidding!! What a small, small world. I just started riding with Josh 3 weeks ago, and he rocks really hard. I wasn't a Morgan person until I met him!

And thank you! She's a lot of fun. :D
Now don't forget that these awesome morgan horses can do all that funny dressage jumping stuff. my mare placed in the top of classic pleasure mares, hunter pleasure mares, training level 4 and working hunters in one show! but the saddleseat stuff is the most fun!
I'm thinking of trying to convince my trainer to let me help train his sporthorses. He is really focused on Saddle Seat though, but youa re right! They do it all, and they do it all well.

If my riding student wasn't so attached to her goofy pony, I'd make them get a Morgan!
if you are still at that farm or not I would love to know what happened my dad was great friends with doc orcott and he helped me greatly with one of my mares I know this post was old but it would be interesting to see what ended up happening with you and the farm. I would love to hear from you from a fellow saddleseat rider in Massachusetts
Hi Cristie,

Doc Orcutt passed away about a year or two before I started riding at Burkland Farm. I stopped riding there in November 2007 and am not sure what is going on up there now.