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Photos of the winners Saturday night at Louisville under the cut

The first class of the evening was the Five-Gaited Ladies Championship.
The winner: Ch Walterway's Remember Me, owned and riden by Ceil Wheeler, trained by Nelson Green

Next up was the Roadster Pony World's Grand Championship
winner: Free Willy, owned and exhibited by Georgia Blevens, trained by Maureen Lydon

Three Gaited Amateur Championship
Winner: Lady Cinnamon, owned by Charles Goodman, trained by Richard Obenauf, exhibited by Barbara Goodman Manilow

Then the Fine Harnes World's Grand Championship!
Winner: Ch Callaway's Copyright, owned by Fox Grape Farms and trained and exhibited by John T Jones

Three Gaited Ladies Championship
Winner: Marching Orders, owned by Charles H Goodman, trained by Richard Obenauf and exhibited by Barbara Goodman Manilow

The Harness Pony World's Grand Championship
Winner: Sweetheart of Success, owned by Bent Tree Farm LTD, trained and exhibited by Larry Ella
well, the results from ASHA says Larry Ella, but it doesnt look like a Larry to me...

The Three Gaited World's Grand Championship!!!
Winner: Manila Thrilla, owned by B&T Vonderschmitt LLC, trained by Lillian Shively, exhibited by Todd Miles

Roadster to Bike World's Grand Championship
Winner: Big Red, owned by De-Lovely Farm, trained by Lillian Shively, exhibited by Raymond E. Shively

Five Gaited Amateur Championship
Winner: Ch Callaway's Forecaster, owned and exhibited by Nancy Leigh Fisher, trained by Lynda Freseth

Hackney Pony World's Grand Championship
Winner: Nabucco, owned by Mary Campbell, trained and exhibited by Gib Marcucci

And finally, The Five Gaited World's Grand Championship!
Winner: He's The Man, owned by Mr. &/or Mrs Jimmie Shires/Allison Combs, trained and exhibited by Smith Lilly

It was a fun stake night, I took a ton of other photos but I dont have a lot of time to spend tonight posting them... I figured people would be interested in the results... I'll try to post some more in a few days.

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